hey friends,

hows it going? i have been super busy at work making concept for custom googles/poles/helmets. then on friday they go to switzerland for this big meeting. i hope some of my concepts aren't to weird and some of this stuff gets produced. i am moving out this weekend into this fresh crib right next to the lifts. i got a sewing machine this weekend too. project wise: DF has seven new shirts on standard deluxe and we have been working on 2 album covers. also, i have been working on this photo project. the concept is its a series of seven that will be for sale and in a nice frame on the site. if series one sells it will fund series two. to reach seven is the goal/finale.

^series one (kinda small).

be safe,

^freezing cold snowing with only a sweatshirt. shot by d.s. this past weekend.

*dumpster funk make some noise.
**what are you guys attacking these days?