hey friends,

hows it going? i have been super busy at work making concept for custom googles/poles/helmets. then on friday they go to switzerland for this big meeting. i hope some of my concepts aren't to weird and some of this stuff gets produced. i am moving out this weekend into this fresh crib right next to the lifts. i got a sewing machine this weekend too. project wise: DF has seven new shirts on standard deluxe and we have been working on 2 album covers. also, i have been working on this photo project. the concept is its a series of seven that will be for sale and in a nice frame on the site. if series one sells it will fund series two. to reach seven is the goal/finale.

^series one (kinda small).

be safe,

^freezing cold snowing with only a sweatshirt. shot by d.s. this past weekend.

*dumpster funk make some noise.
**what are you guys attacking these days?


  1. $haha$
    those photos are hot, son. who's the dude with the broken arm? i think i like them cause they're so random, as if you found them laying around somewhere. "i like to watch"


    *nice cold hand steez.

  2. df. dumpsterfunk. more like... dynamic forces... cranking out like mad... word.
    so benji, i finally got a go ahead if you want to send me some ish for back and forth action send to, (with my name on there somewhere)

    arcadia gallery
    51 greene street
    new york ny 10013

    yeah, time to get on some stuff together...

    **...mad cold hands... damn...**

  3. yo we should do a polaroid collabo, I got cam too...tag, your it