Here I am...

S.I. -Fulltime juggler

Back from Sayre-sota and ready to smear the rainbow on wood (hetero style)

Ben- Call me first, I dare you.

I am waiting for Daddy Warbucks (the good doctor) to meet with me to see the 3'x 4' frame for the first time. This thing takes effort to make well. I still have to power sand the face of it to give it the porcelain goddess effect. This thing doesn't look big in the flic, but it's almost nipple height on me. Formiddable but exciting that it's already sold.

I am finishing this study of a 1848 Colt Dragoon Pistol which is the gun I picked out of all of the history of revolvers as Roland's gun from The Dark Tower series. These books are really good so clutter your nightstand with some King.

Also trying to finish this Albert React CD cover I want DF to go over me on. I like the painting as a piece but I want you to "do it up real big" with the graphic design to make it a good package design. The lyric I am illustrating loosely is "the trees are screaming through the ground, and we're drowning them out" I want you to clear up the message however you see fit. Patterns, fabrics, Just stay kind of serious with it. I trust you....ehem.

Another painting I am waiting to dry (all my photos are bad) is a piece got some good green for right outta school. I went over it and re-painted some parts. It looks cool in person and is 2.5' x 3.5'.

I start my job on Monday and am thankful for it. I can live like a normal person now, almost. I have to go home and paint for a year, but it's a great way to keep pushin it. I agree with bags and don't want to see my old work ever again, even the rabbits (especially) Tower series is the first of the new S.I. (Death to my Characters, sorry B2 and painting exclusively from my head)

Alice in Wonderland Show 2007 w/ or without Tim McCormick (showing currently with Barber)

Dustin this could have been you...wink.

this is MY wig peace.


  1. SI,

    i miss it SI. i miss it. how was your sarasota trip? sounds like you guys can't get enough of that place. i miss it as well. the snow is like yoooo. i just wana rock a wife beater and sandles. not big jackets and mittens brah. anyhoot, man did you paint that gun? that thing is awesome. and the new works are looking really great. those landscapes have some speed under them. like rock salt. but if you put a character and a gun on top of them wow. you would be in a fancy art history book in no time!

    good to see you've arrived,
    *dumpster funk high notes.
    **i miss barrett. are ya'll roomates yet?

  2. shaa, I painted the gun as a symbol of what happens to characters round me. Mostly my own. I heart yours. The gun isn't done yet, but oh man, next level. I can't believe you actually said "looking really great" in a serious caucasian writing voice. Do you feel O.K.?

    The Breezy/ S.I. crib in in the works with possible guest appearances...we'll see what sniffles the lilac can cause.

    Oh, and don't miss Sarasota. It's still a wasteland. It's not the same place without all the kids we knew. Everyones got the same stagnant attitude. no moves being made.

    S.>your hair looked cool last night>I.

  3. i feel you on the scrapping everything and starting fresh... that gun rocks my world, happiness is in fact a warm gun... i can still taste your mothers pecan pie, i can't bring myself to eat anyone else's, true divinity...
    hooray! we're in the party!

  4. good shit man. I like the new work. I don't think I've seen anything since your sophmore year at Ring, and your myspace pics. I hear you on not wanting to see anything from college. I wish all of that work would just sell. hahah

    Did Barrett get those tracks I sent out?