Heres a drawing that I'm turning into a painting for this French poet's Artbook. Its pretty sweet, I get to layout a two page spread and the book comes out in Europe...kinda amp'd about this one, I get a copy in Nov. The poem is about this dude long'n for this gyrl, but this gyrl is totally get'n smash'd by this other dude and somehow the word wolf was used so yeah that explains the mask...emo. I dig the drawing, I know its kinda Mr. Jean influence'd but once I lay down the paint that should change the vibe, I'm adding the poem to the left, I'll keep the process posted...dam, much to do much to do....FEB, Month 2 lets get it!


  1. bags,

    that drawing looks mighty nice. mighty. looks like a nice project. so what is going on in your drawing? SMASH! i just had to say it. keep the engine going its brand new.

    *dumpster funk strap-on.
    *thanks for the swift addy hit up. good deal. it goes out today. tons of treats in the pack for your enjoyment.

  2. Nice drawers sir,
    This technique for getting girls rarely works but for the exception ask Mr. Blouse. Tom Sellecks an animal..grraar.

  3. I fuck with these hoes from a distance
    The instant they start to catch feelings
    I start to stealin they shit
    Then I’m out just like a thief in the night
    I sink my teeth in to bite
    You thinkin life, I’m thinkin more like - whassup tonight?
    Come on ma, you know I got a wife
    And even though that pussy tight I’m not gon’ jeapordize my life (aight? )

    just a little dmx poetry to help get you in the mood for this piece.

  4. technique is noice! I dig the doodlin, but more anxious to see the painting. The "jean ness" is apparent, but I'm sure it'll be bagged up for the finished product. Good shishkabobs maing!