(((The K-Co))) what it do, sorry late on the response tip, haven't really been myself these days, kinda feel like crap actaully but I'll be up and bags brown'n it by week's end..(((Ben))) I got the goods, dam kid thanks for the hook up, haha..the kartoon cards and the ying yang+dmx shirt made the bags gitty like Ken move! Major Domo (thanks much) Amazing! package tag-back! My turn my turn!

(((Objective for this month on my end)))
-Get the www.klaimco.com and www.boxrebs.com pages atleast online with a front page
-Talk with deesteez and formulate the set logo
-The funds are kind of scracy in my pocket this days so I'm look'n to atleast do one of the two: 1.) make one line of shirts 2.) make a line of stickers
-handle these kicks I'm work'n up
-handle this skate deck Ben Passed back
-handle these verses for rebs, freak'n A, "That Reb got that new new ish enough to make tang sparkle, dam the rebs!"
-handle my health, like dine well motives, I'm like choke'n on cornflakes haha

Alright so yeah thats a quick skinny, I'll re-up on folks comments soon so check that, in the mean-time say hey to "Casey Jones" few of ya'll seen him few of ya'll haven't so I wanna share, I'll get a better reproduction soon, looks better in person, til the next bags post, watch kartoons at a low and eat green apples!

(((Ps: I don't remember send'n Chase an invite)))