iight these are some shirts we finished its titled "so you'll go". for this band dance jenny. still warm from the dumpster funk grill...

*dumpster funk we don't want your watch.
**is everyone ready for the REAL DUMPSTER FUNK SITE? well its in the works. so hold you on. i know you can.
***i listened to box reb all today at work over and over. studying. when i get on the beats. you'll see (i'm amping it up).
****box guts. still holding on. get gitty. i was wondering what your album cover looks like? post up.

<----click to enlarge.


  1. benjo nono,
    i would sport the shirt... yellow style... baby blue is a little in season for the gap if you know what i mean... but i'd be all like "heyhey" to a lady if she was sporting it... or a baby blue dustin.... du...... righto.....
    i have a set of rockem sockem robots up here. i'm thinking if baaaaags and Dsteeeeeez want to duke it out i have the means for strokes tix to be had.
    ps... i am working on my graduation from emo town... challenge of the day was watching eternal sunshine without dropping a tear... i sat myself down with a heinekin and a muffin and scratched myself the whole time... kinda manly... if only i did that during the superbowl.... too bad... i was at the gym.... ha! testosterone! yeah!
    that's all....
    the yellow cab (face)

  2. S.I>4 needs this in his life like Tawianese prepubescent boys, which equals his blood. yipes. But for real, gimme dem tee's.

    ney ell tters

  3. Taiwanese, sorry, didn't want my mispelling to change my preference.


  4. this shirt fucking sucks. dumpster fnk my dick.


    *can i be in now???

  5. Chase,

    Thanks for the interest in Dumpster Funk Graphics. Dustin and I took a look at most, if not all, of your online portfolio. You have a very impressive
    collection of work. I'm especially a fan of the Potty Mouth project... the colors
    are perfect.

    Unfortunately, we are currently not in a position to bring more people into Dumpster Funk Graphics. However, we have, in the past, come across projects in which we wished we had another person involved with a specific skill set like photography, Flash, etc. You're definitely someone we would like to keep in mind for future work when we need a little extra help on a temporary freelance-type basis.

    Thanks again and we'll be sure to keep in touch.

    Benjamin Niznik
    Dumpster Funk Graphics

  6. yo, so i hit the old stomping grouds of myspace today and couldn't help but notice that it is a klaimco wasteland...you guys don't even exist there anymore... except for bags and his lady friend.... btwbenji... you caught me off guard... i was in the gym pumping testosterone into my deltoids... a voice mail from ben is like finding last weeks winning lotto ticket... it's kinda cool that you had the matching numbers, but it's too late to claim the prize, and you know it probably won't happen again for a very, very long time.... but then again, i knew a kid in high school who literaly got struck by lightening twice... so, lesson of the day is, anything is possible.... and quick muzak newsflash... i think the wedding band has broken up, rumor has it, schocholautte is back together and starting some demo recording sessions tomorrow for their first full length record since 2001's Digital Abuse. word on the street is, the record will have a lounge metal techno boy band sound to it with album art by cabageface.... more news to come.......

  7. sin,

    good deal i really enjoy schocholautte. can't wait. wait are you joking? on another note... yes i called you to talk/catch up. you missed your chance. but don't worry i will call again. you just gotta be ready and drop the dumbbells.

    *dumpster funk required test.
    ***bags did you get my box yet?