Dizaam the heat, SA town is like wildfire, toasty toasty, whats good guys, bags still out here grinding or what not, looks like I gotta drop a ringer on ya'll to get updates on thangs or you could just read this haha. I've been inspired as of recently so production might be picking up pace as of tonight. Ben, I feel you bout the Camera game, I'm looking to strap up and hit the town with the lens, I found my uncle's old Canon AE-1 so I'm dust'n it off and looking to get gitty....other than that Same ol on this end, one day at a time moves, heres a few images to share, I got tons more but not really ready to show just yet, here's a teaser. The painting is somthing I whip'd up in a day's time for my dad's friend who came through last weekend. He hooked me up with a free plane ticket during college so my dad suggested I give him a painting in return, its 11x14,the vest was fun. The image below it is just a hue adjustment which makes it look like its done blacklight style, the other two images below that are sketchbook pages i did awhile back, I'm amp'd the pages are get'n slowly filled.

Yo Ben, How bout Boot Camp Click is gonna be in Austin Sunday, I'm gonna try and hit that up. Then later on in the week I'm gonna see Bloc Party out there on the 8th, fun times A? Oh I also sold the munny couple weeks back so that should help with the funds. The Bags production house is still in effect so til then inhale that "black factory smoke" <---thats a boxguts line if ya Reb, hope all is well klaimers, see you on the next post