i tried to post this stuff last night but klaimco was buggin'. update: bagger style since i got no tele skills. i went to washington this weekend road trip style. it was rather fun. got on some rails, crashed a wedding, all in good fun. these are a few things i found and a couple photos. sorry i am killing it with the graff. but i am sure a couple of your klaimers can dig it? anyhoot keep cool. i feel winter coming again. that means its time for my reup one of these days. atl? sf? nyc? stockholm? tokyo?

black factory smoke,
*dumpster funk cool runnings.
**meadowln two dropping soon. i am killing flash.
***much thanks doug for the shipment. it was above grand.

below: truck stop tee, a couple old type books, random fun books, 2 old school kodak cameras, some house shoes (holler at the diller), doug and marty drawings.

until next time keep at it!