The Wasteland

Dark Tower III

36 x 48

I make it rain on 'em.

Color is much richer in person.

next up, The Wizard and Glass

walkin it out in the A, SI


  1. WoW sid!!! The best paiting out the series!! I really digs it, that docter must be amp'd!(handsclaping, clap clap, clap....)

  2. yeah, this is really cool. i like that emo kid's hair...and that rose gently blowing away from's like a metaphor for my life...or postmodernism. i don't know.

    _dUSTIN (help clarify for you sidney)

    *it would be cool if you could do an ill dumpster funk piece on that train in the background for us. thanks, bro.

  3. SI,

    WOW-ZERS! geeesh SI nice work man. can you go in depth on what this painting is about? an old hobo is tackling a small child? just interested. thanks for posting that. i love the background SI. its remarkable. this would look great on any wall!

    *dumpster funk boxcar racers.

  4. Hearts to all you guys for positive feedback. It means alot. Hopefully the next piece will be extra credit good.

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