Back in late 2005 I was asked by Christian Guemy (C215) to contribute a full color spread to his new book that he was putting together. Christian is a French artist/poet based in Europe, as far as the concept behind the book, he gave invites to a range of artist, and had provided each a poem(he had written) and asked each artist to depict the content in whatever would see fit. The only guidelines being that it had to fit the size provided and have the color red Incorporated in the imagery. Over a year later the book was finalized, and a copy was sent to each of the participating artist. I just received my copy today! Stoooked! more info HERE
"L'autre" The text was created by artist Damuz
Also out from Europe is the DE FISH, I had the chance to contribute a page in the last issue and I'm working on submitting to next one they are putting together, I recommend checking them out, more info HERE