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Howdy, Klaimers,
Brooklyn update. Of Montreal played a live band karaoke set after their show at studio b last night, and I got to sing with them b/c i happen to dress like aquaman occassionally. Michael Showalter, from Stella and Wet Hot American Summer hosted the shindig. On a related note, I just spent some time in a recording studio in Philly recording 2 new songs and Haley Jane and I are working on a bunch of new images to coincide. On an unrelated note, Max Weinberg of Conan O'Brien fame walked into the gallery yesterday and we had a conversation that went like this;
"so you know me from conan?"
"well, yeah, but I'm more of a fan of your work with meatloaf on bat out of hell"
"you're too young to know that..."
anyways, that's my update. hope all is well.


  1. Haha Well hot damn there Mr. M.P. Cabage, shht man that performance looked pretty damn there Stella! wow I don't even know how to post after seeing this one, quality footage too, High 5 on that one man, look forward to hear'n the new tracks, Ms. Jane if your reading this, you have a hand shake on standby, nice photos there..."*****" <--5 stars

  2. bowie? are they new? never heard of them. nice undies though...

    miss you,
    - d