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Howdy, Klaimers,
Brooklyn update. Of Montreal played a live band karaoke set after their show at studio b last night, and I got to sing with them b/c i happen to dress like aquaman occassionally. Michael Showalter, from Stella and Wet Hot American Summer hosted the shindig. On a related note, I just spent some time in a recording studio in Philly recording 2 new songs and Haley Jane and I are working on a bunch of new images to coincide. On an unrelated note, Max Weinberg of Conan O'Brien fame walked into the gallery yesterday and we had a conversation that went like this;
"so you know me from conan?"
"well, yeah, but I'm more of a fan of your work with meatloaf on bat out of hell"
"you're too young to know that..."
anyways, that's my update. hope all is well.