+++Its amazing how half the year has past+++
Gutsonpaper 2 is finally out the door and off to printing. I had actually got printed a full color promo book that I was looking to put out alongside GOP2 but the quality came out to a B- standard. So I'm scratching that project until I find a better printer. For now I'll be releasing GOP 2 real soon (this month soon). I'll be getting a sampler copy within the next week or so. I'll keep you guys posted when they are available for purchase. (that is if anyone is interested ). Things are well, steady, and bizzy. July should be an interesting month to say the least. Transformers in coming out in a few days, and anybody who know me well, knows I'm amp'd! Allot of hype I know, but fingers are crossed in hopes that this blockbuster doesn't shatter my childhood nostalgia haha...we'll see. Also this month, there has been allot of talk about the San Diego Comic Con. This will be my first time heading out there, excited! No booth, just browse'n and looking forward to meeting fellow creatives and the likes.

A good friend of mine and talented fellow artist finally got a blog up and running. He has a site but has trouble getting it updated so his new blog is a temp site for now, checkit---> Jay Epperson