aaaaa, double trouble since i was out on the sidelines last week...

hi, 17th, uncle peter, orfn, chop it up, drugs to kids, design patterns (word), new volvo (wish), spot scott, la face (records), and special guest on klaimco (drum roll)... omer & zar with thur brand new liquid latex wood face project (nyc & atl have them going on)...

*dumpster funk coop-da-ville.
**weekly advice: don't fret that.



  1. This site turned into a photo blog haha...dude who's that break'n in the OK studio?! Is that Brendan? cool beans, tell the fams I said hey!

    Ps. funny, you posted this post on my blog somehow (scatch'n my head) dunno how, no worries I minus'd it

  2. 43,

    yeah, i take tons of photos all the time. sue me. hold your britches oil painter... other stuff soon (no pun). to be continued...

    *dumpster funk mosquitoes.
    **yeah the fam has one more day in the bay. we might have a bbq on wednesday you should attend if we do. my brother is on the grill. i'll keep you posted...