The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah
It's good to see it on the web, it's been done for a month now. Have 3 strong pieces for the show in May done now. I'll preview those later, no need to spoil it. I hope B3 is lovin the syrup of the Vermont beaches. I hear the palm trees are beautiful this time of year. Good Luck on the Burton Tip. Hope to get a ring-a-ding-ding connect on you some day soon. hearts to the bay and n-y-c rhinosimo.
sidney  e watters IV


  1. GRAND!!!!!!!!!!

    call you soon there Mr. SI

  2. this is dank...i mean dark. i mean penga.

    you've done it again sidney. i want to see those other pieces - didn't you say you have a new gun piece?

    - d

  3. SI,

    that monster in the water isn't a joke. so fresh he will just stare at you until you die...

    *dumpster funk the first time i heard magnetic fields in dustins civic.