+++Out on the market+++
A'jos world. Thanks for checking in. Things are well on this end, I'm in a lil grace period from my the day gig so I figure this would be a good time to post up. Awhile back we got a license from Paramount Pictures to work on The Warriors. We created a small set of clothes that consists of four t-shirt designs and a hoodie.I collaborated with my AD to work on a fight scene involving various characters from the movie that was used for a T-shirt and a hoodie. Its was cool working on this image and seeing the process run through production. The hoodie is interesting to see in person,due to the hits of flock and foil printing. More details here. Here's a few other things I worked that I noticed out and about. I provided the art for the hoodie and the folks on the garment end designed the body style, in general that's usually how it works when it comes to gear outside of t-shirts: World track jackets: We worked on a series of track jackets the rep certain spots throughout the globe. Below are a couple that I helped out on. My AD hooked up the graff and I worked on the collage of the cities. Having lived in Hawaii and Japan (both being my fav places) it was cool helping out on these. More info here
That's all for now as far as the rhino steez. Sorry for this post feeling more like an Rhino AD the a blog posting haha...


  1. 43,

    fact: the 'hawaii' & 'japan' letters look like poser from mayhem/7l. non the less do that style. that & cmw. looks kinda chicago-ish inspired?

    *dumpster funk skips class.

  2. make prints of the rhino on the red shirt. Awesome! Great ill of a gang fight. That would be really hard for me. Your AD took that handstyle from Ben's Blue period in graf. '93-'95

    see you soon!

  3. ^ i think that's also know as his "be2" period. before he got the hang of the letters T & W.

    yeah bags, these illustrations are great. that fight is loco. i think i like the individual drawings on their own merit than when they get "designed" up on the clothing. nice job!

    - d

  4. 43,

    yeah that fight scene is crazy good. do you ever mix in 43's instead of 73's?

    "look its a seven... see?"

    *dumpster funk winter park.