+++POPGUN VOL. 3+++
I was fortunate to receive an invite to partake in submitting to the Popgun comics anthology. The series is created and edited by Mark Andrew Smith and Joe Keatinge and published by Image Comics. The concept behind Popgun is a graphic mixtape of stories crossing the protected borders of every genre. Popgun showcases well known names doing work they're not known for, brand-new talent. For my submission I worked on a recap of character I developed back in college name "Superhero Bobby". I have plans to develop this character further with an addition of other characters I've made up, with the aims to to create something more full lenth. But for now I'll share this 5 page short. Considering the book won't drop until next year and that the story being too short for just a preview, figure why not just post the whole thing haha. Plus, I got say, working on something outside of my day gig is really refreshing so you can only guess the eagerness to share <;O. sidenote:The all-time aim is to just work and eat off your own personal work right?!, one day right...haha. Anyways here's bobby:
Be sure to checkout Vol 1-2. Paul Pope hooked up a pretty dope cover for the 2nd one as seen below:-enjoi-