Check out this piece from the Brer Rabbit series I did right after school.
I don't even know how to go about a piece like this anymore. My mind doesn't think like this now.
Me and Kuhn were on that same dance number. and now that I look at it, the firefox logo.
oh double dear. Here's to progress.


  1. yeah, those pieces are cool, but the POSTCARD design for that series... OOO-WEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    - d
    *dumpster funk shake it in a thong

    **change is good. watters 3.0

    ***i still like your 4-eyes phase the best

    ****ISIP = GOD

    ***** darsh

  2. SI,

    ole school.

    i hate all my school work. except the dumpster funk stuff. ;)

    *dumpster funk tumble dry low.
    **dee steez just dissed on you.


  3. I enjoyed a visual dance for a while.

    You own the crown jewels in the 4 eyes phase. I should do one of those again just to see how it comes out. Maybe for the October 30jubilation. Dee turns 22.