National Wildlife Museum

Heath Patterson is the photographer I share a commercial space with. He recently went to Yellowstone and stayed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He came back telling me about this Museum there that he knew I'd be blown away by. I had bookmarked the site after seeing just how many dynamic pieces were in one place. Tuesday night I find out Ben's relative makes up a decent portion of this museum. Small World.

Heath remembers seeing Bob Kuhns pieces in person. I plan to make it up there someday soon.
*dumpster funk fixed your html bro & looks like you need an image. i got this print for xmas this year from my nana. its one of my favorites its called, "Pas de Deux". which is french for a step/dance for two. i like the snow splashing. i actually like the commercial work the best over the gallery works. the encyclopedia stuff is awesome. on with the show. sorry to barge in SI. ;)
**wyoming is cool .