Todd McFarlane (born March 16, 1961) is a Canadian cartoonist, writer, toy designer and entrepreneur, best known for his work in comic books, such as the fantasy series Spawn.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, McFarlane became a comic book superstar due to his work on Marvel Comics' Spider-Man franchise. In 1992, he helped form Image Comics, pulling the occultanti-hero character Spawn from his high school portfolio and updating him for the 1990s. Spawn was one of America's most popular heroes in the 1990s and encouraged a trend in creator-owned comic book properties.

In recent years, McFarlane has illustrated comic books less often, focusing on entrepreneurial efforts, such as McFarlane Toys and Todd McFarlane Entertainment, a film and animation38 Studios, formerly Green Monster Games, founded by major league baseballCurt Schilling.[1] McFarlane used to be co-owner of National Hockey League's Edmonton Oilers but sold his shares to Daryl Katz.[2] He's also a high-profile collector of history-making baseballs. studio. In September, 2006, it was announced that McFarlane will be the Art Director of the newly formed pitcher

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