' Featuring Last Renaissance '

works by: R D L C, B K, L P, I M & ? ?

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' Interpretive Bus Dance '

' Front & Backside Fakie in the Darkie '

ɹ       l

' Robe TK (1996) Bus–Flow '

' Sibl1 Orfn1 (1993) '

' Erupt (GTB) – One letter “e” throw-up (1993) '

' Brite & PS(2) Union Square/Chinatown Rack '


' 2007 B.C. '

' Artist From Last Renaissance Characters '

' Ray Fong '

' Sire (FG) '

' Pure '

' Project's Runaway '

' (A) Known Artist '

' Hang on There Buddy '

Climbs up on plastic barrels knocking them over 
(then the water drips on out)
To then hang onto the window for couple minutes

' 2003 unopened soda '
Infamous image

Digital print Attached to a “metal soda” can somehow
2003 copyrighted for it prolly
Designed specifically for distribution during the release of the sequel of the movie (or whatever). Who’s idea was it for this object, or maybe (one might also ask) who’s concept really really concealed what it means to show off to some extent, the desire or a product of this degree. Should one be offended by it, and do a sort of a “turn the head around" while looking back at em' in dishonor? When does society really break the 5th wall and jump back N forth right over to the side while snickering while saying "….." . When is it allowed for a civilian at a community to really strike boundaries, and really show the land what they are made of. What do they want from me… should I spin around and go up the side of the wall till I cant climb down?(I hope not) or should I …….? (nope) But what a person really wants to know in today’s earth is "Whos really waiting to keep this since 2003” ?

' Untitled Character Designs '

Created the various’ design’s by: doing it by creating the design by creating it with using
(the hand controlling from the brain molecules and cells) 
A Sharpie 
(of an unknown brand or color, or tint or tone) 

On white painted concrete wall. It is now gone forever, never to be seen again.
This is the last (and first) Photo taken of this new master’s work. 
Possibly to be dug up from the ruble of the remnants in many years to get one last glimpse? Dunno

By the Unknown Boy