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I’m the new D.r.u.g.
that everyone should buy.
The first time you try me
you gone get sky high.
I’m not coke, crack or crank.
Not an intoxicating Quaalude.
I won’t eat your brain.
I am brain food.
Help yourself to dinner.
Fill up your plate.
I’m that new drug ‘African Culture’,
but I’m not being sold
(at a rapid rate).
You can’t puff me in a joint
or base me on a pipe,
but I turned base-head Betty
into a Black–Power hype.


PS(1)'s Jacket
Very Spensive

To Baggy – NO

A Million Colours (2)

seeing spider webs
sparkle. eclipse
from my position
to do chair placement
sun setting orbit
and tanding tree
light bends around
objects, takes the
path of least resistance.
silence exept for nature
birds, bugs, insects n things
wind gusts churp calls.
thoughts on sweetsugar

Super Computer : "System Failure" (Google Chrome v2C)

Muni – Logo

How to tap into FREE Wifi

Purify Water

Attention All: Unreleased photos of Muni’s Long standing 
forbidding Forest hill Illusive “secret rooms”. Many of us have
heard various rumors regarding the different passages throughout
the carious corridors in this ancient building (as some have called it).
Theres the story of the door on the other side of the street (many
may know of it). Also the story of the secret attic watchaus that is
located on the right side of the building. Many of our closest know
of the middle floor that was accessed through a secret code that will
never be told again. In one of these images, the viewer can see the
stairs on the left leading up to this room or corridor. The other photo
seems to be a back-access room with some sort of regenerating corre-
sponding computer dedicated to responding to various malfunction
and deceptions. Thanks for your help everyone, were still working
on our thesis report this is just the protege of it. The protege of it.

" You Stick it right here in your arm... "

Unknown Sticker Bomber


Nah Limits 

Pikachu I

Bruer (1999)

Ballet Performance – Still

(F)    (n)

dweenk up !

The present holds many experience for young,
The older know all about these various scenarios that happen to an individual.
Whether it be a good one or bad one, one things for sure: Life Experience.
When people get older they really realize what societies really about :
1. Best Bars

2. Best Restaurants
3. Best Websites
4. Clothe, etcetera. 

The younger people don’t know about these yet,
But luckily the older generation might teach them about it.
Lets just say : “Be thankful for that” 

O.K. ?

The illusive fire windbreaker, very very rare.
From over ten years ago, only one was made by the manufactures (this is it)
before the machine broke… cause it caught on fire !     Apparently a loose fuse erupted
the handle breaking it off, and thus is why it ignited it with a flame to burn it down.
Hardly any casualties after it.

Time: 12:45 pm Last Train Outbound. 

Place: Civic Center Metro Station.

An elderly crackhead was being ushered out of the station when our train
arrived at civic center. The muni employee, assailant was attempting to
remove said subject from the station at a very in opportune moment for
our elderly subject who no doubt had to get home and look after a hungry
family or something like that. She narrowly escaped on the train we arrived
in. As the train pulled away into the tunnel, suddenly, almost magically, 2
dollars were produced. “She lost her pants” I mentioned to the employee
of the market street railway, walkie-talkie raised to his lips in disappointment.
“She lost her fuckin’ mind more like it”, he replied. Upon further inspection
of the pants there seemed to be a shish-kebab lying untouched inside one of
the pants legs. Last Night...

Forest Hill Artest Interview

" Untitled Jean Bag Piece "

What is this piece you've created in front ?
In front of Forest Hill Station... or in front of me ?
This is a chemical decreased bag that contains specimens

of my past: my collection of Levis® that are worn and ripped
but I still keep nice 'n complete: Worth Lots.

Hmm, Well I like the way you use various colors an materials
in the installation you got ?
What do you mean ?
Well, um, like I am interested in the way you have an extremely

large suitcase (bigger than ever)... and you fill it with plastic bags that
(are then) filled with jeans and collections of Levis
® and khakis.

Why did you choose to go in this direction of "sculpture" or "installation" ?

Tai–Chi Time …Wu 1

Fashion color of the day
  blue and grey
Assentuate with
lonely fringes.
Dear me
too many
cats and dogs
falling down