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"A man with style is a man with a smile."
P.S. Don’t forget about yourself – Your
time is the most important concept in life.

– Sibl (Gtb)

A's (1918)

Teen Vogue #1



Made by Artist –“R/’12”
Sculpture: Recovered from “Food Court
San Francisco, California
Photographed: In–Studio
That’s It – Thank You

Where are you ?

Krooked Naughty Luke Croker & Andrew Pearl (Mountain View)
All the footage seen in this video was filmed on cellular telephones
with a de–attachable wide angle lens.



There is a malfunction in powell right now where you can't add fare … 
Take advantage if use on B.a.r.t.

19th Ave. Sav

4 Pounds of Carrot Juice; I'm High.


For every falling petal and falling out.
For broken families and broken minds.
This is for the unborn seeds.
We dissolve into oblivion 
Rest your head my child
because through

Thank You.

A Good Time comes to an end.
Represent. (1)

Ex Model - Now Defunct

What say what ?      ?%$#Whaaaa das wäre my shnizzwas at.

Salt-Water Corrosion

For Sale: Car

– Unkown color, shade, tint, or tone
– Unkown mileage 
– Unkown year
– Unlisted time
– Please Note: "HUUUUGS" License plate, (four u's)
– Known price

Hand – Painted

Remon1 aka Lemon1

Read the writing.

A good time comes to an end.
Represented. (2)

Character shirt (&/or jacket  ((Hard to tell these days)) from the early to mid 90s,
rediscovered for the audiences now–ish.

Back then it was a different time, the mind was designed differentlly the thoughts and
spirits discovered more abstract concepts of what was possible. Lost footage, never to
be found again was left in the depths. The spirits of it is still here, much like the colonies
and trials (& mistrials) of 1700's are still here today. The events that happened during
those times are still happening at this very moment, but just many years ago. In the long
run, you have to respect the souls from hundreds of years ago (our ancestors, elders &
forefathers) because during that time although technology wasn’t very strong (as it is
today). The powers of the mind were using powers that have dissipated from now,
and because of this, some during that time might have seen into the present day from
now, so you shouldn't disrespect them cause they will know, and their present time
(our time) might change right beneath our feet as we know it.

Real Life Character Design

Thesis Paper :

Notice how the person here is using the ancient technology
which used to be made by connecting two rubber bags
(made by dinosaur skin) and connected by wooly mammoth
tusk. This technology was invented by the caveman inventor 
Grag”. The rubber dinosaur skin bags were used to carry
poison berries that were used in forced combat against pre–
historic foes, some of these animals have various scientific
names. Some of these ancient technologies were used for
hundreds of years, but eventually they had to be discarded.
Now the technology is deep under our ground and has turned
into oil” a toxic chemical that we use in our new technology.
This woman is using the ideals of the ancient inventors, but
instead has re–appropriated it, by using “metal” and plastic” 
technology the caveman woulda wished they had had !

P.F.A. Loca

"Style Counts"


New Balance Trainer Shoes 22341
Guess Jeans
Gucci 1950’s Sweater 
Gucci 1930’s Vest
Mahogany Walking Cane - 1920’s
Red Hat

A Mysterious Symbol


Young Market Street King Keenan
Notice : The oversized black puffy vest hoody
Smiles & Scooter Styles
Rep that kid

to cutty ?

77x Express ; VanNess/Downtown to CandleStick (Rare)

To all the bitch ass teachers that thought I was retarded
in elementary school, fuck you. To all the Mission 24 
locos and cholas struggling and hustling. I send my prayers.
To the broken families and children – Mantenerse Fuerte.