Klaimco, ‘ Red False Red Kristine Red Lies Red Money Red Building Red Job Red and Free ’  by Eliza Kreytsberg

“ A Long time ago I applied for charity organizations which helps kids without parents. After a long research I came up with a theme about children from orphanages. I went there to make an art game to entertain kids, and made a lot of interesting drawing works with them. In this publication I want to show the contrast between their drawings, thoughts, and dreams.

I use a lot of red (colour) in this work because during our art game the children’s drawings were mostly in red. It might be because of aggression, and offenses they received. 

This 1 little girl from the orphanage was my main inspiration for this project. She has parents, but can not live with them because of their financial problems. I think, this issue involving children is a very hard, and important topic. Even if a child has parents he or she still grows without them in an orphanage. 

            However, I asked some people about this issue but almost no 1 wanted to talk about it. I want to remind people that these children exist, and we need to think, to discuss, to solve this problem.” – E K 

            16 pages; 15x21cm
            Published by E K

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