7/13/17, 10:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
Klaimco, == == ‘ 2 the Contemporary reader, 2 ’

        Hope is an Un walked path. Then you walk down it & carve your path... How lame. How ? This is Chinese History, bro. Progress the Human Adventure. Retrace your steps. Or step somewhere new. You don't need 2 travel anymore. Just walk a new way home. Chances are you haven't been everywhere & seen everyone. Save the fuel for the flight for some1 that needs to hop over the ocean 2 see thur family realllly bad. Research: Urga School. You'll never see it. You'll just be in your town with your house & lawn. Full of yourself. Your just a bad version of your influences. Put everything down & pick>up only something that means something to YOU. Be Aloe. The whole time you were doing it right... WRONG ! Fight in the Comments. Or make peace on the streetz. In the past the path always led down into an urban alley with steam coming from its ducks @ night. A bunch of outlets & let>downz. Oh, the rain let
<up; Let's go for a bike ride. Your deep in thought riding to the library. Then you hear a loud voice from a stranger say, "LET'S GO FASTER, PROFESSOR !" as this ripped tanned 50+ year old with grey hair wizzz es by you on his cycle. You catch up to him & pass him saying, "Now what !?" = "1) Get a helmet", he says as he rides off into the distance. You keep on riding thinking about the lands/lingos of Enfidha, Bourgas, & Belmopan. These are places you want to visit & shoot @. Yet you should really just stick to your guns & visit Yalaha, Tarrytown, & Clermont. 

:0) Sincerely, B N