7/21/17, 01:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
Klaimco, || || ‘ West Virginia: hilltop hide=out ’

I ] Pick Me ^ @theRailwayStation, please I

Out Breathing Outside [Mid-day]

/ suggest something \ #feelmorecomfortable

OK well you'll have to look @itUnderUhMicroscope. Have you ever heard of me ?

Yeah, I see saw 1 thing you've made. I didn't know it was you but I made the connection it was you recently. Recently, I've been thinking how extraordinary of a person you really are ! Really ? I don't believe in that. I do. I believe in you. You have no idea. You have no ideas. Felt Felt. Chance. Better. Change. Move. Dip. Demand. Yourself ? No ! Others 1st. You GO second. Seconds fly. Sky's change. Empty Seats. Now; Full-Lines (you must wait). Hope you came on time. #zzxeroxzz

Sincerely, B N