08/31/18, 11:22PM Eastern Standard Time


‘ finite (Home Made
made @ home, rather than in a factory or bought inna store 


A ship was shipped.
A time was spent.
A person was spent.
A place was visited.
A numb finger.
A violent storm.
A bolt of lightning strikes the earth.
Water is running underneath the crust.
Air in a tank. 
A gush of a gusher. Traded for Nilla waffers.
‘Gross Nilla Waffers; No Trade’
A burst of air.
Trade School.
Stock Trader.
Trader Joes®  Podcast.
Flight of the Navigator.
The Lincoln Navigator that Christopher Brian Bridges still drives.
The oil is still gushing into the ocean.
‘Causing red tide in the Gulf. 
With the run–off of the sugar fields in Lake Okeechobee adding to the no air for fish.

‘I Won't Back Down’ in concert. Oh, wait this is just the Music Video. Tho, it just looks like the concert...

Wow, they are just going & going.
Really jamming.

A Real Dooooooooooosy...

:0) Sincerely, B N

This is a photo of Home–Made Red Onion Marmalade