07/30/18, 01:11AM Eastern Standard Time


‘ Loop Hole Land ’  by I.N.T. 4m28s 
Shot in Taipei by Bay Hill & Benjamin Niznik

I.N.T… international… InternalNaturalTalent... 
*still-training-4-ever****** #planitplay #interception

Special Thanks to @dabs1yia & Treasure Hill :0)

Day in2 night, sons into Sunz of Man, words into recipes &seasonings…

The beats of rhythm (bom bom bom) [whisper] even now you may hear it. 
Time moves in an oval, in cycles; ride the rhythm with the land, the towns, the products, & the workers. 
Rely on the life-giving patterns of NO routine.

Don’t loose your voices, tell your story through the work of your hands–the remnants of real traditions & beliefs shaped in stone, sweat, bone, blue–blood, & thrown clay.

Look beyond 2day; look deep into the present, & take a glimpse of the walkers of Earth. 

—B N