12/31/19, 11:55PM Eastern Standard Time

Vanguard-1 pt.1

i have a deal with the universe and others
betting if we sit still like stacked mountains, horizon fading
we can be free from our ¢ents of selves
due, undo, redo, and how do you do?

when you were little your grandad talked
on&on over salads in massive wooden bowls, spilled inks & oils...
Healthy and fruit-full smoothies and juiceswith flax-seed-oil-and beta-carotene
about a little satellite winking at us from the sky
summers spent secretly slingshotting scraps of metal towards traffic

when you or some1 else was little 
every evening was spent clocking laps at the public pool
darker almost empty olympic sized quiet kind of warm and chlorine
speckled blue tile low light buzzing and kind of muffled voices
yellow&tinted goggles, or baby blue on baby blue, or orange and green
you were an herbally essenced grapefruit-sized aluminium sphere

Way-way-way-but-not-so-way up there:
6-antennas & some tiny solar cells
on the bus again
hazy daydream 
intensity of twilight burns images in eyes in passing
the needs of the immediate present
are always in our grasp, apprehended, joyfully
blue-back-lit like an aquarium on wheels
we’re swimming down the highway
in endless orbits 

Ethereal-2 pt.2

The cheapest isn't always the best.
The best is always with your instinct.
Follow your true intentions & you will be OK. If your not following your true path - you will be lost forever. Do what you want when you want. Fill up your day with you & what you want. If you want to chill that day then just chill. If you want to travel & see something new - go do that. Nobody is stopping you. Only the spooky fear you have. Living this true way will allow you to have a good-time on the planet earth & not get dry. Cover the planet with your thoughts & feelings. What does that mean exactly ? It's like see what you can do on earth. Push it to the maximum. Don't just chill. You could just chill all the time yet you won't be doing much of anything. But that does sound kind of nice just not really up to anything. Just sort of an exhibition of just existing - no gallery just a hammock & watching the clouds form. Then move away. Only eating fruit all day. No vegetables. No Grains or other things. You don't even need bottled water cause the liquids you need are in the fruit filled with nutrients. You won't feel awful. You'll feel muy excellent. A pure soke. A new way of life. It's outdoor living; eating fruit; & thinkin'. The sky is you television. You are a specialist on its formations. You have looked at the sky longer than any human on earth in existence. While everyone is running around looking down you are looking up. When it starts to rain you designed a clear body suite so you can still observe the sky. Most of the time you don't wear it cause you want to feel the rain. You come up with a theory of 4,000 kinds of species of rain (the number is still growing). You hold the key of knowledge to the sky. This key is  highly underrated.

(Life Expectancy = 155 years of age)