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#1) What was growing up like for you?
2 start...
Growing up was Good. A humble only child mostly rural upbringing... My mother gave me love & support in abundance. I loved to play, draw, & watch cartoon. Getting a skateboard in 2nd grade greatly revolutionized my life & set me up for my fascination with concrete playgrounds that are cities. Had to adapt to the four extreme seasons of Wisconsin. Winter as well as summer activities changed along with the seasons. Building snow forts or swimming in lakes, & watching fire-flies at night; maybe jumping into a huge pile of leaves in the fall, or running around outside all day when it gets above freezing in the spring.
I had plenty of time to myself; with my thoughts & my imagination growing up. Very vivid & adventurously apocalyptic dreams... Allways had good & abundant friends in my life to play & create things with... I have always been into art in various ways, listening to stories read to me by my mom, coloring & drawing, playing with my dogs, looking out the car window on rides, listening to music, going to plays with school, playing with Leggos™ & whatever kind of toys/action figures I could get my hands on.  It was a fairly quiet, calm, peaceful & pleasant upbringing. I was born in Seattle, but moved to Wisconsin before I was one. My real dad wasn't in the picture. What I hear he was a con–artist type & my mom made it a point to not have him in my life. He was a creative person with many talents, but I guess a selfing swindler of sorts, or so it seems... Mostly just me & my mom; We lived with my grandparents till I was 5. My grandma Verna died then, & we lived with my Grandpa Bob for another year or so. Had a step dad in my life since around 11 years old. Total opposite of my mom, Pete (my step–dad) is a hunter, fisher, tree trimmer, & drinker. My mom a quiet, shy, vegetarian, book & animal lover. Opposites attract I guess...
I moved around a decent amount, had to changed schools after 3rd, 5th, & 8th grade; This was hard on me having to leave my old friends & meet new ones. We moved to the middle of no–where for my high school years. I hated the small town we lived outside of, but I know it was motivation for me to get out, explore new places & do my own thing... Skateboarding & painting where my driving forces of creation & inspiration at the time...

#2) What do you think about?
I think about many things! I try & incorporate everything really into my mind. I try & like to keep my thoughts & ideas positive, because that works best for me in my life. I think about art, society, cultural history, political, & social corruptions. I think about girls a lot! Sometimes at obsession. They are so beautiful & muse-full to me. Making me feel all the emotions in the human spectrum range. I am very easy to fall in love that's for sure, a blessing & a curse really, it's the poet in me I suspose™... I think about how to get my positive creative energy out into the world through various mediums & modes. I think about my friends, family, parties, & shows I want to go to; Places I want to visit; Books I want to read, & have been reading. I think about my word I use, new phrases in my mind. Been thinking about Jazz♫, & playing the piano. So many art projects to enact & complete. I think about how to be always present in the now, to be in the realization of real reality every moment, analogous to what Lao Tzu, Buddha, or Jesus got down with in the mind, & with their thoughts. 

#3) What are your favorite places to go?
My favorite places to go would be anywhere as long as I am in a good & glorious place in my mind & heart. My adult life I always go back to San Francisco/Golden Mountain; Witch to me is one of the most beautiful & magical cities in the world. Second would be Taipei my home base in Asia. I loved visiting Japan last year, especially Kyoto the old capital filled with thousands of incredible Buddhist temples. I like going to Mexico city & Oaxaca. I went to Spain for ten days, & Paris for two days in high school. That was my first time getting out of America; Witch was very eye opening. I love to go wherever there is vibrant & rich culture. I love to go anywhere there are friends, & fun to be had. I like going out to nature, the ocean, the woods, the mountains, & hills.
Yosemite National Park, Philly, Chicago, Seattle, Oakland, Berkeley, art shows, estate sales, friends houses, new cities, new skate spots, abandoned buildings, museums, music or other festivals, record stores. I like to go out & get up in any city, understand the streets & where I am located in that new place. I always enjoy going to the cuts wherever I am & wherever positive & creative people may be.

#4) Envision a sculpture & explain it?
The sculpture will be painted with all the colors of the cosmos, It may be big or small depending on the size & stature of the observer. It will exist in the physical plane of planet earth reality, It will be out in the open for anyone to see & experience, It will be encouraged for people to climb on it, especially children.
It will be made of natural materials, It will be sturdy & solid yet flexible & bendable, It will be a mobile as well, It will emanate the soundtrack of my life. "These Foolish Things" (remind me of you) by Satch and Josh will be the opening song. It will represent many creatures, ideas, vehicles, & plants all in one. There will be smaller sculptures placed around it & it will be on top of a hill overlooking the ocean with snow caped mountains in the background. There will be redwood, bonsai, & willow trees all in the sculpture park. Vendors will be selling burritos, tea, & coffee, & free joints will also be provided upon request. It will be futuristic child–like style yet also with a very ancient, archaic & universal. It will remind people of the past & future simultaneously. It will be abstract, realistic, & cartoon like all at once.

#5) Favorite color & why ?
I would say,
whatever color,
is perfectly between,
green & blue.
I guess cuz im a boy= blue (& water, & being fluid).
I love the earth (our home) representative of green = also = life…
My favorite color because i like them both for various reasons.
Green & blue hybread represent life best to me…
Call it teal, turquoise, cyan, electric blue, aquamarine…
Need to make up an new name… maybe bwueen…??

#6) List 11 engaging people & why?
Sooooooooo many engaging people… well rite now…
1. This girl Malissa in my Jazz improvisation class. Frisco native, corky, fun, full of life, enthusiastic, very quite cute, & energetic in a over all passionate about life sort of way.
2. Panda Sex, the clown, the commedian, the social critique. Allways wants to make people laugh, or feel uncomfortable or riled up. One of the hyphyest people i know. Great conceptual artist, & painter when he gets around to it. Revolutionized graffiti piecing ¬

3. Pablo Carranza (Zongy1) One of the cuttyest characters in San Francisco; A legend in his own right. Impossible to tell what he is thinking, or what his next move may be. Will ask you if you can buy him a hot chocolate at any givin time ¬

4. Brite, possibly the most horny man on earth, with googlie eyes that are unstoppable & has his own dictionary full of made up slang. Contender for best partyer & most likely to blow all his money at the bar. Allways hollering & unɟ ƃuıʌɐɥ ¬

5. Mike Ramos (of the band "The Cherries"). King of the one-liners, a sunset son, always good conversions, philosophical talks & jokes ¬


6. Ian "nut" of Last Renaissance, full of information & inside jokes. Has an amazing imagination & unique perspectives on things ¬

7. Uncle Chris can talk your ear off about anything under the sun. Full of random facts & strange stories.

8. "The King of Poetry" self proclamation by Philip Hackett...of himself. Also i would say the king of North Beach, engages anyone who is in a near vicinity of himself ¬

American Haiku (1994)
I touch you now, there–
feel the heat, humidity…
the snow brings you back.
Philip Hackett
c/o P.O. Box 330168, S.F., California USA 94133

9. Malcolm Kenter, such a good descriptor of things, full of trivia knowledge, can explain anything well. Has a style all his own ¬

10. Udon of Taipei. The hyphy passion is strong in this one... My favorite current performance artist. (There is a method to the madness) I have glimpsed into with more time spend with him.... Hollering song lyrics at the top of his longs on scooter rides, or pretending to be tagging in front of people. He allways keeps your engaged & aware of the odd tourettes we all have ¬

11. Clayborn Mcdonald, my favorite poet friend, knowledgeable about so many things under the sun, mostly plants, old European philosophers & current world events with an anarchistic viewpoint ¬

#7) List 11 films to watch?
1. Billy Madison (1995) ¬

2. The Sandlot (1993) ¬

3. Space is the Place (1974) ¬

4. Rockers (1978) ¬

5. A Joyful Noise (1980) ¬

6. Eric Burdon and War: Live Performance (1971) ¬

7. Undercover Brother (2002) ¬

8. Big Trouble in Little China (1986) ¬

9. Underdog (2007) ¬

10. Any Seasons or Snack Skateboards video ¬

11. Any Doraemon cartoon (in any language!) ¬

#8) What are your contemporary thoughts on life? or philosophy?
The J.L.U.P.I. (Just Let Us Paint It) Association!
The Kosmic kid, in yin-yang land,
Kosmic synthisis thru loop-hole land,

The ancient internet
Life is fluid thru liquid luv...
The art–official–natural wurld...

The physics & concepts that make up the fantastic fabrication of the...


(universe) all mind essence...


living in our ...



Nowu......       all the infinite ways of nowu

               all allong with it all

your rite to be
in thee

now + wu = the present moment meeting eternal nothingness,
Real Reality (nature)
(eternal LUV)
wu=nothing= (k)nowu–thing=everything= the universe= the you–new–vrs (verse)

wuu=now=you=all=LUV    u+u=w    duh  !!!

how you look
at things and
present things
to the wurld,
& percieve the wurld
sumulatneously so
spontaneously sooo
you know
you (k)now :)
you only exist in the

!!! NOWU !!! ...................is all thats Real in...... Real Reality...

..........tuning into nature

               spontaneous natural symmetries of..............


#9) Where & What would your house look like if you could build anything?
It would be of glass & wood & hemp & such; It would be solid yet portable; It could reside on a mountain or hill side, by the ocean, by a river, lake or stream, in the woods or in a city center. Any artist, friendly person, philosopher or good cook is welcome, there are many rooms with good elaborate rugs, only land line telephones allowed inside the house, animals also welcome as well.
Usually residing in San Francisco, Oaxaca Mexico, various locations in Taiwan & Japan, Spain, France, & neighboring Machu Picchu, Peru…
It would look from the outside like a shabby rundown side of a red brick wall factory in Chicago built before the thirties. Inside is a different stories to say the least. No screens inside, just record player, filing cabinets, hot showers, huge kitchen, pantry, mud room, endless back, side & front yards. A pool hall for billiards & swimming, pillows & memory foam walls in most of the rooms,
a marble, plaza court yard with many tropical & deciduous pants in the court yard in the middle of the house, butt of course ¬

#10) What are 11 things you'd like to accomplish ?
Be happy all the time…
Have fun in everything i do
Write novel
Solo art show
Find love of this life
Publish poems
Learn any other language fluently
Be a jazz musician
Make my theories about life & the universe simpler & easily comprehensive to all…
Have ideal home–living situation situated.
Allways be in a meditative, peaceful, nirvanaistic state & stature…

& Any last thoughts ?
Never that!! They go on forever further still.......!!!!! :0)


"Si, quiero agua ahora.
(Translation: Yes, I want water now.)
Aaah, here we are all thirsty you know, cheers! Here is to survival, to water.
The most intrusive, intrinsic, illusive, & instinctive substance on the planet. In fact it is & makes up our whole world on any scale in any shape, form or size.

       The ultimate formless form that constitutes & constructs all forms;
Our human bodies & or planet is mostly water. About 70% they say.
It is the middle substance that sustains life & makes it happen, the happy medium. We cannot as human beings survive without water. It is truly the only thing we need. It’s the whole reason for life & existence.

       The Sugar Cube Banditos    
       In the mid summer of 2014 Bookstore, Dumzy, Bonsaw, and I all went down by bus to Baja. It was a celebratory trip, naturally for Dumzy (Paul Mouse) turning professional for his four wheeled acrobatics. He got his name printed on  a piece of stuntwood curtisy of Bonsaw the owner of Snack skateboards inc. This is a feat of utmost respect in the underground urban league of vandals , & hooligans. Skateboarding is  something that kids do for fun mimicking surfing in a concrete environment. By bus we melted along the hot highway down & out of this country to the next. Down to the border in an unordinary fashion as we crawled tall into Tijuana, Mexico without getting inspected, checked or harassed. Just walked right in you know… 
       That’s where it all started, to say the least, & lets just say we painted the town red without any paint. Into the Tijuana nite, buckets & buckets of beers were barraged, guzzled down the gauntlet holes at a rapid ravid rate. At any rate us boys were bouncing from bar to bar without any cares in the world. The streets on full loco, strictly fiesta time as i’m sure every night is like in crazy Tijuana land. Spanish gibberish blasting over the extremely loud indecipherably hyphy latin music that seems to still be pounding in my head to this day. The dark setting of neon ridden calles, cantinas, discoteca, resturantes, & bonita senorita’s.., fwewh! Some real ladies & some dressed up as ladies that were most certainly not ladies. Anyways whatever they were the night didn't matter because the nite was being dance into oblivion in a hot & sexy fashion. We were leaping like intoxicated frogs from fiasco to fun house back to fiesta after fiesta all rolled up into one debaucherous evening of perpetual play on the streets, alleys & backwater ways of Tijuana. Then the blur of shady strip clubs & bars gave way to a  dingy hotel spliff out at sunrise with me yelling & carrying on spraying out the minimal spanish i know in a joyous & exuberant fashion. Lets just say it was a trip about getting loose, let's say that for now.
       Anyway T.J. was just the starting block, the jump–off point, the beginning of the journey, really, all we knew is we wanted to go to the beach. Sometimes you gotta get dirty before you get clean ya know. All we wanted to do was sleep in the sand, do nothing all day & night; & swim in the nice warm water south of the border. Thats not too much to ask for right? No destination was set yet, yet we knew we would find some wonderful place to rest & get wet. “Rainforest wet,” as Bonesaw would sarcastically say as an innuendo of sorts about perverted things which of course this trip was not about... In classical terms at least. A rainforest down here? This was not the case, Baja is a cactus, sand & rock ridden desert hidden from civilization, once you go south of Tijuana at least. Rainforest wet is not possible, in Baja–Land the wetness is mostly from sweat due to the sweltering heat of a loco-motivated Mexican summer.
       So we hopped another bus, in hopes of finding a holy place somewhere half way down Baja–Way. After a ten hour bus ride it was time to get out, of course cervesas where at hand to help combat the heat. We drank & waited around the central plaza of a little Mexican town with Tacate™ billboards & old spanish architecture welcoming us in. Hanging out by abandoned concrete skeletons of old casas or tiendas, faded stucco all the way, stray dogs & drunk taxi cab drivers where the only being in the mix with us this drowsey mellow Mexican–Day.
       A cabby told us we were just 15 minutes from a nice beach, Santisbac Bay to be exact, on the eastern side of the Baja–Peninsula in the Sea of Cortez a part of the Gulf of Mexico between Baja and mainland Mexico. On our way in the taxi listening to old rock ‘n’ roll on the radio; little did we know there was a surprise in the water that awaited us….
       So after our 15-minute ride down, up & around the curvy, swervy, cactus cathedrals, & sand monster dunes that were apparently roads, we arrived at the beach in one piece. We paid our fair fare in pesos & said, ‘Adios’. The only spot on the beach this Sunday sunny afternoon not taken up by Mexican families full of fat kids with soda pop, floaties, dads on the bbq & moms relaxing & yelling in Spanish was next to the Federales. The local police force, with their machine guns, & objects of total annihilation to anything they weren't having, or didn’t like armed & ready to go. Us being reverse smuggling sugar cube Bandito–Boys we all let out a single crystal sweat tear for fear of losing all the far out there fun we wanted to have.   
       There was four of them lounging, leaning up against their truck of evil laughing, resting on their gigantic guns, & I think generally plotting against us. So that was our only empty spot next to these guys… good grief! Their lazy, at the beach, nothing to do, I could kill you attitude was quite RAW, scary, & unnerving for me due to having my illegal friend Lucy stashed in my backpack making me the general leader of the sugar cube bandits. It’s pretty intimidating when you have reverse smuggled your little mischievous friend Lucy the spirit animal of the Banditos into Mexico. Aaih Way! So we made it threw the border, threw the craziness of T.J. & now the Federales are all strapped with machine guns and fully equipped pickup trucks to pick us up, & take us to prison for having such a good time as we wanted to have. Naturally, which is illegal everywhere to have that much fun. The sugar cube boys are all about fun, naturally. Well this paranoia was all based on if the Federales cared to do anything about us, & who knows maybe they would even want to party with us, your guess is as good as mine, as the Mexican sun was melting my mind…
       So we sweated it out, we arrived in the afternoon & by evening, thank the lord & a little baby Virgin Mary, the flamboyant Federales & almost all the chubby families evacuated from the beach back to their humble abodes & bungalows of little casas sprinkled about Baja–Land. 
       The bay was now ours, besides the little restaurant on the far left side & a sailing boat floating farther out on the water. So it was my job to  play the shaman coyotito trickster role for the sugar cube Banditos as a collective of an American skateboard band of brothers. I went exploring the beach for something we could put Lucy & Tequila in to pass around & drink. Lets just say as a ceremony, a ritual or rite of passage of sorts, 
...into total psychedelic land… 
       Thanks to Miss Lucy with her transparent lucidity in tasty sugar cube form that was sure to take us to a formless place. I found a seashell that had a wonderful iridescent inside & smelled like old socks, which would be perfect for our special occasion. The tequila came out of the sugar cubes & went in. We all took turns taking sips in a ceremonial fashion. The beach was beautiful, it was a bay in a valley of sorts with crystal clear blue water, nice & warm in the hot air & wonderful white soft sand. The sun was setting, the cove within the bay where we where was a great place to watch the play of psychedelic cactuses dancing rhythmically with the breeze on the adjacent hills to the right & lift. Even on the little island straight ahead. That sunset was like no there with colors never envisioned or invented yet.  I tell you what those cactuses can dance, that’s for sure, & I was mesmerized by these green prickly friends in cahoots with the sand, sun, & moon…
       I looked around & saw it on everyone's face… yep its happening the Banditos were going into Total Psychedelic Land…
Then we all intuitively knew we needed to jump at once into the magical water...
That feeling of playing, dancing, swimming, floating, & frolicking through the water. Like a freedom I had never felt before. Like a unhindered child, like a cosmic revelation unto itself, like a baby planet nucleus you could say of sorts. 
       Then we met Bob & Robin. Dumzy enthusiastically swam out to greet them, thinking they were from Berkeley, where he was reared as a child of flower power & hockey. He asked the restaurant owner Carlos for a Cerveza for his sure to be new friends. Dumzy jumped back in the bay & swam out with beer above the water the whole way. He ferociously swam out to greet them like the true professional he is. Paul Mouse aka Dumzy invited them to shore to enjoy some Cervesas & good conversations with the sugar cube boys. Their boat was from Berkeley, but they ended up being from somewhere else out there. The oddest couple I had ever met. Bob like Zeus a greek god or something with an epic white beard, blazing big clear blue eyes, dark, leather red skin from all the years at sea, cargo shorts & Teva’s™. A macho all knowing boastful boat captain stern & assertive in his ways from all the salt @ sea. He invented the internet & knew about everything from the newest nano technology to how to navigate around the world in a boat by the stars. Robin on the other hand a modest, quiet water colorist kids art teacher. She was quiet & meek as can be. It was her Birthday. We had cake, talked, mas Cervesas, said, ‘Happy Birthday!’ & ‘Good Night!’; As they went back to their sailboat for the nite. We naturally went then went back to our seashell…
       There was a surprise waiting for us in the water that night–
A bright neon green magical bioluminescent surprise would be in store for us. 
       This magical surprise from mother nature was about to hit us; We didn’t even know of its existence until it was swarming around all of us, all at once, in the water at least… 
As we waded back into the bay, to our amazement, & it wasn't Lucy silently talking, I shit you not the water glowed as we went waded in. Our movements in this wonderful liquid lit up in all directions all about us. As you swam it was like a little personal light show, a natural rave on thizz happening all about your body, lighting up with every movement, each light only lasting a few seconds with every motion, but when one goes out of course another is lit to life. In the water you are constantly moving so around you is constantly glowing. Motion is a fact of life, & you can only experience life while alive right…? We were all fully alive, there was not a doubt in my mind about that. The sugar cube bandits had taken off once again...
       In the waters of life you are always moving, so around you is constantly growing & glowing, gliding along with glee naturally. I learned this lesson with the help of Lucy & the Banditos in the warm waters of Baja. I have been transforming my brain ever since to feel the feelings of being free, flowing threw like water in any situation, in any state or sphere of existence I may be in, on land, in the water, or up in the air. In Baja thanks to sweet & muse-full little Miss Lucy is were i came up with my motto for the trip,
       "Life is fluid threw liquid luv.” 
       To me this is true, it’s what it is & what we are all the same,  just all just little liquid love bubbles, immortal babies, eternal beings babbling in the buoyant universal sea beyond any kind of reference, or limit of time and space. Really in reality as you flow, & float through this drifting world of liquidity why not live like water, why not be like water, im sure your life will be easier, simpler, subtler & more spontaneous to say the least."